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WiTD Modbus Communicator

The WiTD Modbus communicator is a program to view data from a Modbus RTU device. It's been tested under Windows and Linux.

A screenshot of a simple Modbus communication program

It was written in Rust, and the source code is available here.

The Windows download is here: Windows 32-bit binary download.
To install, simply place both the executable and the DLL from the ZIP file in the same folder.

For Linux we recommend you build it yourself from the source code.

We built it mostly to scratch our own itch, so more features will follow as we use it more. It's a simple program that will help you diagnose and test Modbus devices.

To use it, first select a COM port and settings using the top line. Press "Connect" to connect. Default settings (according to the Modbus standard) are 19200 baud, even parity, 1 stop bit.
Then add the registers you want to read, and what kind of data is in those registers. The left field is the Modbus ID, the right field the register number. You need to press "Add new" for every register you want to read.
Then press the "Read" button to get the data. You can also have the program automatically read every 3 seconds.

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